Meet Larry Shanahan

My name is Larry Shanahan, I’m a Court Certified private dispute professional (Mediator) with over 30 years experience in dispute resolution matters.

As a Mediator I assist parties who want a fair and equitable solution to their matter without the time and expense of litigation. Mediation provides the parties with the ability to negotiate terms that they could not get through court judgment, such as a payment schedule, apologies. Most of all there will be no public record of a judgment that affects credit ratings and allows all parties to avoid internet postings regarding their matter in forums such as Google and Yelp searches.

I’m an impartial third party who does not represent either of the parties. My role is to help you negotiate a voluntary settlement and move on with your life.

I do not offer legal advice or determine who should participate in your mediation process.

I also provide Evaluative Mediation, this is a process where the involved parties with or without attorneys have the Mediator assist them in reaching resolution by pointing out the weaknesses and strengths in their case. I will then reach a conclusion and inform the parties of the outcome they may expect in a court of law. This type of mediation should help you reach a resolution without the time and expense of a trial.

I specialize in Landlord/Tenant disputes, Gated Communities (HOA), Insurance disputes,Title Company and other Escrow related issues.

All disputes can be mediated in a place that’s agreeable to all parties involved in the matter.

For more information please email me at